One Plus One/Sympathy for the Devil

'Portrait' by Isidore Isou (1952)

I finally managed to finish my Honours/Stage One Masters Dissertation 
on One Plus One/Sympathy For The Devil at the end of 1997 with
no small amount of relief. I managed to get three-quarters of the way through it
when I discovered the film premiered exactly two years before I was born.
I still believe this is a great film of Godard's, even if it was universally panned 
by the majority of critics. 

Most of the criticism was undue and for all of the wrong reasons. I hope keeping the
essay available here will help demystify what is considered to be one of
Godard's most difficult/impossibly "ridiculous" and "incoherent" films.

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All the best,
Gary Elshaw M.A., B.A.(Hons), Dip. Arts.