'The Depiction of late 1960's Counter Culture in the 1968 films of Jean-Luc Godard'


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Le Gai Savoir.pdf [111k]

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One AM.pdf [62k]

Un Film Comme les Autres.pdf [93k]

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Well, here it is. This is the thesis in totality. As i'm writing this, I can't believe I spent two years of my life working on it. Sometimes I feel like an idiot for taking as long as I did, but mostly I feel like an idiot because I still haven't got Godard 'out of my system.'

Thanks to the web, I hope the thesis has some kind of life outside of my university's library basement, where i'm sure it will be propping up a desk that has a leg shorter than the others. If you like it, please do drop me a line and tell me why. If you hate it, then i'd love to know why you hate it too, but i'll be the first to say it has a great many failings as a thesis--i'd really have liked another year to explore some of the historical influences I found throughout the research, but there's always that PhD in 5 or so years time.

I should mention that the html version is better than the pdf's for one reason. With the exception of the Bibliography/Filmography pdf, I've coded all of the footnotes and the bibliography URL's into active links. If this is important to you for whatever reason, i'd recommend it. However, having just said that, the pdf's are way smaller than the html pages. I have copies of the 'active' pdf's, but they're huge! If you want to check out One Plus One/Sympathy for the Devil without the other films from 1968, i'd recommend the dissertation for a more in-depth look at the film.

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