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Che Guevara with Leica Visoflex II
How cool is that!
(photo by Roger Pic)

July, 2003

I haven't updated anything here for a while, and I apologise to those of you who may have been wondering what it is i've been up to. I seem to have got a lot busier in the last couple of years teaching, and maybe it's my age or the time we're currently living in--the world seems to have started to move a bit quicker in the last couple of years. Possibly as a consequence of this I recently got my own domain over at and have been doing things i've been wanting to do with a site for a while now, social commentary, politics and other things via a blog.

When I finally completed my Masters thesis on the 1968 films of Jean-Luc Godard in October of 2000 (30 days before turning 30-Ugh), it made me a much greater political animal than I had been previously, and I was relatively vocal then. If you thought I was bad before, wow. I'm still teaching under-grad History and Criticism of Film and also Media Studies here at Victoria University, and thus far there hasn't been any great compulsion to do a doctorate, but it may be in the wind. Recently there have been a number of instituional changes that don't auger well if you don't have a doctorate, but then again, maybe it's time I moved on to do something else for a while too. If there are any filmmakers/actor's out there who need assistants or magazine editors who need writers, drop me a line!

For those that found their way here for the Godard content, on the left should be some links to the completed MA thesis. I don't know how, but I always seem to get myself into some kind of mess by trying to provide maximum choice. There are two versions: Going to the index will give you the option of downloading the thesis in pdf format and will give you a link to the html version. Or, alternatively, you can just skip right along to the html version and read to your heart's content. As part of my post-grad work in 1997 I completed a paper on Godard's 'One Plus One.' The complete dissertation can be found here if you're interested in finding out about this film. If you're wanting information exclusively on One Plus One, you're definitely better off heading for the dissertation. It also has had somewhat of a face lift in the last few days. Things should be a little easier to download, or alternatively you can read it online via Adobe's pdf plugin.

The Visoflex stuff is on the left too and after all this time I still get mail asking for advice about Visoflex stuff and I always feel disappointed that I still have much to learn and can't help as much as i'd sometimes like to. I'm quite pleased some people have taken time to drop me a line just to say thanks, it's nice to hear that folks think it's worthwhile. I've set up a forum on my domain which, amongst other things will have some space to discuss Leica/Viso stuff if people feel inclined.

Thanks again to all the folks who supported me throughout the process of getting the Godard thesis written, I hope you all know who you are. I'll look forward to seeing everyone over on

Take care,